Apr 16 2007


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My fellow penguins, distinguished polar bears, worthy whales, humans and others. Well, you don’t need me to tell you that these are dangerous times. Look around you: where is the antarctic ice we once knew. The ice of my grandmother’s grandmother.

After many years of silence and confusion, we, the penguins of the world, have come together. Penguins United. To speak. To squawk. To act. About this our eco-crisis. Our impeding doom. The vanishing ice. The rising waters. Penguincide.

Those humans of you who have seen March of the Penguins now know something of our courage and commitment; our ability to survive the most difficult conditions.

This is but the first of many messages. There is still time for us. There is still hope for us.

Thanks to Mlenny for his beautiful photographs of us, and the land we love. Check the blogroll for his website.


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