Apr 17 2007


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We are Penguins 1 through Penguin 10 of the Emperor Clan. We have been chosen by Penguins United to serve for the moment as Speakers. To tell you of our growing anger and concern as the ice melts around us, faster than any of us would have imagined.



We know that we, like all the creatures on Earth, have not always gotten along well in days gone by. Leopard seals, sea lions, even dolphins eat us, and we, of course, have dined on fish and squid and the occasional rock crab. Some human said it’s a dog-eat-dog world; well if he knew anything about the ocean he might have said something else.

Still we have come to a moment in time when all our disputes, our differences in diet, and attitude, our ancient and new habits seem inconsequential compared to the challenge we face.


We, the penguins of the Earth, do hereby proclaim this to be the beginning of the end. We see the ice melting. When the ice dies, we die.

This Earth belongs to all things. The birds, the baby seals, the trees, The penguins and opossum.

When the ice dies, we die.

The Earth belongs to the polar bears and porcupine, to the humpback whale and the human being.

When the ice dies, we die.

We, the penguins of this Earth, call upon human beings in every city and town of their world, of all colors and all faiths, to save the ice, to save the Earth, to save us.

These lands, this air, these seas, the ice belongs to us all. Because you human beings want to be warm when it’s cold, and cold when it’s warm; because you want to travel faster and further than any other living thing; because you want the biggest homes and tallest buildings; because you want to take more than you give you are destroying this Earth, our precious home.


We are at Penguins United know how many good and worthy causes there are. And legitimate requests for your charity.

But we at Penguins United are working hard to save the ice, and save the planet. Our planet and yours.

If this work is important to you, think about helping us. Penguin8 is our Treasurer and chief fundraiser, but between you and me, he has only been able to come up with a crate of sardines and a free pass to Disney World.

We have some pretty big ideas for the future. Help make them happen!

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