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Jul 18 2007


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Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Who knows where time goes? It seems to be melting all around us.

I think we at Penguins United have been a bit depressed lately. Perhaps that explains the silence.

Penguin5 has returned. He is resting and will likely be writing you soon.

He has travelled far and wide and met with many penguins and many humans.

Young Mary, an apprentice at the PC – that’s what we sometimes call the Penguin Center – arranged for a delegation of us to watch Live Earth on what she called their big screen TV.

A lot of people. Not enough penguins. And what’s with this Metallica?

She showed us the website. Not enough penguins.

Al Gore got all these people together to answer the call.

What are we missing here:
I will change four light bulbs to CFLs at my home.
I will shop for the most energy efficient electronics and appliances.
I will shut off my equipment and lights whenever I’m not using them.
I will ride public transit or carpool one or more times per week.
I will forward a Live Earth email message to 5 friends.
Add my name to the Live Earth pledge.

And from Somini Sengupta in this morning’s New York Times:
“This is how a glacier retreats.
At nearly 13,000 feet above sea level, in the shadow of a sharp Himalayan peak, a wall of black ice oozes in the sunshine. A tumbling stone breaks the silence of the mountains, or water gurgles under the ground, a sign that the glacier is melting from inside. Where it empties out — scientists call it the snout — a noisy, frothy stream rushes down to meet the river Ganges …

Three years ago, the snout was roughly 90 feet farther away. On a map drawn in 1962, it was plotted 860 feet from here.

The thousands of glaciers studded across 1,500 miles of the Himalayas make up the savings account of South Asia’s water supply, feeding more than a dozen major rivers and sustaining a billion people downstream. Their apparent retreat threatens to bear heavily on everything from the region’s drinking water supply to agricultural production to disease and floods.”

A lot of people planned LiveEarth. Not enough penguins.

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